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Uptown Movie Network is the creation of First World Syndication, Inc. First World Syndication, Inc. was formed in 2004 to fill the void in quality urban programming. First World aims to bridge the gap between Hollywood and urban producers.


First World's first initiative was the successful launch in January 2005 of its UPTOWN MOVIE NETWORK: two urban movie packages that feature classic urban movies and recent movie hits from award-winning actors, directors, and producers. UPTOWN has been successfully cleared on over 105 broadcast TV stations in the US, reaching some 85% of all African American households and nearly 75% of the general market.


Blackout (2007), an acclaimed urban drama starring Melvin Van Peebles and Zoe Saldana, aired on BET.




Numerous private clients, from screenwriters to producers, have consulted with me to shape up their scripts for production, and for submission to studios. I provide industry professional "notes," story reports, treatments, and phone consultations.


Gail delivered exceptional service at a great value. She is an experienced script consultant who was able to provide critical as well as positive analysis of my screenplay.” –Gustavius Smith, screenwriter



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